The benefits of being a thought leader are priceless.

Credibility & Respect

Higher Rates & More Inspiring Work

Influence & Prestige


What BrightPro Does

BrightPro is an apples-to-apples scoring tool that measures the strategic value of thought leadership content and ranks the professionals that create it.

It enables firms to determine how much content and resources are needed to compete in any chosen market as a thought leader.







Why BrightPro

BrightPro is a unique tool for:

Professionals to Demonstrate their Value
Marketers to Gauge Opportunity and Report their Results
Managers to Control Costs

Similar to Q-scores for celebrity endorsers, a high BrightPro score indicates a professional's value, influence, credibility, and expertise.

Get Answers

Using BrightPro you’ll be able to answer questions like:

How effective are my firm’s partners with our resources?
Are we getting a rock-star with this new hire?
What types of content are most valuable to my firm and our partners?
How do I rank compared to my colleagues or competitors?
How much thought leadership do we need to compete?
What are the characteristics of my most successful content?



Dashboard Interface

BrightPro’s interface for partners, marketers, and managers is simple to use and easy to customize.


Gamification & Rewards

BrightPro keeps users engaged with motivational alerts and notifications, awards, enterprise recognition, and rewards (all customizable).


Comparative Benchmarking

BrightPro allows for industry-wide, apples-to-apples comparative benchmarking of professionals’ thought leadership content across firms, practices, specialties, and regional markets. (Really, anything you can think of…)


Budget Forecasting

By allowing firms to understand what they need, managers are able to budget their resources effectively.